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Steel City Tool Works Table Saws for Sale

Steel City Tool Works made a bold plunge into the table saw category. With 16 models to choose from, it is easy for woodworkers of all skill levels to find a table saw to fit their needs. From a 10" Cabinet Table Saw with 30" Industrial Fence System and table board powered by a 1.75 HP motor to a 12" Industrial Table Saw with a massive 7.5 HP on the other end of the spectrum. Steel City also offers state of the art technology within this array of table saws thru Models 35630 (Right Tilt) and 35640 (Left Tilt), and a 10" Deluxe Titanium Table Saw. In addition to these two great saws they have a couple new Cabinet Saws available with Riving Knife and Granite Table Tops. The unique Titanium Nitrite coating and Granite table and extension wings are a Steel City exclusive. The Titanium Coating or Granite helps reduce table- top maintenance, as it is much more wear resistant than cast iron alone.

Click this link to for Steel City Tool Work Table Saws for Sale on eBay

Steel City Tool Works Bandsaws for Sale

Steel City Tool Works offers two 14" Deluxe Bandsaws (Model 50100) & (Model 50100G) and a 16", 18", & 20" Industrial Bandsaw (Models 50200, 50250, & 50300 respectively). All models feature Eccentric-Adjustable Ball Bearing Guides to aid in quick and accurate set-ups when changing blade sizes. The Quick Release Blade Tension Lever is another benefit that allows for fast and repetitive tensioning of the blade, giving you less blade fatigue for longer blade life. The 1" saws are now available with the patent pending granite table top which provides unsurpassed accuracy, will never twist or warp and will not rust or corrode, and now even some of their saws feature a massive granite lower wheel! (Sorry for the grainy pic, but this is hot off the presses!)

Click this link to for Steel City Tool Work Bandsaws for Sale on eBay

Steel City Tool Works Jointers for Sale

Steel City offers a competitive line of jointers in parallelogram and wedge bed designs.

8", and 12" Industrial Jointers feature parallelogram design bed structures with large extra long tables, center-mounted fences, and conveniently-positioned switches. The 8" Industrial (Model 40605) features a built-in mobile base for excellent maneuverability.

The Steel City 6" Deluxe (Model 40615) and 8" Deluxe (Model 40620) feature wedge bed designs. These also include large extra long tables, center-mounted fences, and conveniently-positioned switches. Both are also available with solid granite fences as (Model 40615G) and (Model 40620G).

Click this link for Steel City Tool Works Jointers for Sale on eBay.

Steel City Tool Works Lathes for Sale

At the time of this posting Steel City Tool Works is offering two Mini-Lathes in its initial product rollout. The Variable Speed Mini-Lathe, Model 60100, includes a 1/2 HP, single phase DC motor and a push button switch with variable speed control. The 5 Speed Mini-Lathe, Model 60170, is powered by a 1/2HP, single phase, 115 V TEFC motor with a push button switch. Both machines include a 6" tool rest, ball bearing live center, spur center, 3" face plate, knockout bar, wrenches, and user manual with parts breakdown.

Click this link to for Steel City Tool Work Table Lathes for Sale on eBay

Steel City Tool Works Mortiser for Sale

Steel City Tool Works offers a Bench Mortiser that is ready to tackle your task. The Pull-Out Table Extensions provide a full 35" between extensions, allowing the mortiser to provide support and stability for even the largest work pieces.

The Ratcheting 6 Position Reversible Handle is ergonomically designed to provide comfort in either the right or left hand position.

The Heavy Duty Rack and Pinion design allows the head to travel with support by dovetail ways. You get an accurate feeding of the bit into the work piece while providing a lifetime of durability.

Click this link to for Steel City Tool Work Mortiser for Sale on eBay

Steel City Tool Works Thickness Planers for Sale

Steel City Tool Works currently offers four planers - a new 13" Deluxe Portable Planer (Model 40200) a 16" Industrial with a helical cutterhead (Model 40260H) a 20" Industrial (Model 40280) and a new 20" Industrial with a helical cutterhead (Model 40280H). All Steel City Planers feature powerful motors, optimal feed rates, extension tables (Model 40200) or wings (Model 40280), stock rollers, and the Steel City 5 Year Warranty!

Click this link to for Steel City Tool Work Thickness Planers for Sale on eBay

Steel City Tool Works; Taking your tools for Granite

Steel City Tool Works came on the scene a few short years ago (in 2005) and is a privately held company that manufactures and imports machinery and power tools for professional and serious amateur woodworkers.

STEEL CITY is headquartered in Murfreesboro, TN, and though they are a new company, their investment group, led by Scott Box and Mark Strahler have had long, distinguished careers in the machinery industry.

Strahler was VP of sales and marketing for Delta before leaving to found Orion, a successful start-up that manufactures machinery for Sears and other retailers. Box served as director of product development for Delta before leaving to head up the Powermatic division of the WMH Tool Group, owner of the Jet, Powermatic and Wilton brands. Together, they have been actively involved in every aspect of the woodworking machinery business and have built an extensive network of the best suppliers and manufacturing connections in Taiwan and mainland China.

One of the most unique features of many of their tools is the use of
granite (Get it son? That's a pun in the title.) for table surfaces, fences and now even for the bottom wheel on one of their bandsaws. More on this in future posts, but for now just think about the advantages a solid granite top would bring to a table saw for example. No more, vibration absorbing and flat as a... well, a granite slab!

Steel City now has Bandsaws, Grinders, Jointers, Lathes, Mortisers, Planers, Sanders, Shapers, Table Saws, Drilling Machines, Dust Collectors and even Air Cleaners.

More to come.

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