Steel City Tool Works; Taking your tools for Granite

Steel City Tool Works came on the scene a few short years ago (in 2005) and is a privately held company that manufactures and imports machinery and power tools for professional and serious amateur woodworkers.

STEEL CITY is headquartered in Murfreesboro, TN, and though they are a new company, their investment group, led by Scott Box and Mark Strahler have had long, distinguished careers in the machinery industry.

Strahler was VP of sales and marketing for Delta before leaving to found Orion, a successful start-up that manufactures machinery for Sears and other retailers. Box served as director of product development for Delta before leaving to head up the Powermatic division of the WMH Tool Group, owner of the Jet, Powermatic and Wilton brands. Together, they have been actively involved in every aspect of the woodworking machinery business and have built an extensive network of the best suppliers and manufacturing connections in Taiwan and mainland China.

One of the most unique features of many of their tools is the use of
granite (Get it son? That's a pun in the title.) for table surfaces, fences and now even for the bottom wheel on one of their bandsaws. More on this in future posts, but for now just think about the advantages a solid granite top would bring to a table saw for example. No more, vibration absorbing and flat as a... well, a granite slab!

Steel City now has Bandsaws, Grinders, Jointers, Lathes, Mortisers, Planers, Sanders, Shapers, Table Saws, Drilling Machines, Dust Collectors and even Air Cleaners.

More to come.

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