Steel City Tool Works Table Saws for Sale

Steel City Tool Works made a bold plunge into the table saw category. With 16 models to choose from, it is easy for woodworkers of all skill levels to find a table saw to fit their needs. From a 10" Cabinet Table Saw with 30" Industrial Fence System and table board powered by a 1.75 HP motor to a 12" Industrial Table Saw with a massive 7.5 HP on the other end of the spectrum. Steel City also offers state of the art technology within this array of table saws thru Models 35630 (Right Tilt) and 35640 (Left Tilt), and a 10" Deluxe Titanium Table Saw. In addition to these two great saws they have a couple new Cabinet Saws available with Riving Knife and Granite Table Tops. The unique Titanium Nitrite coating and Granite table and extension wings are a Steel City exclusive. The Titanium Coating or Granite helps reduce table- top maintenance, as it is much more wear resistant than cast iron alone.

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