Steel City Tool Works Bandsaws for Sale

Steel City Tool Works offers two 14" Deluxe Bandsaws (Model 50100) & (Model 50100G) and a 16", 18", & 20" Industrial Bandsaw (Models 50200, 50250, & 50300 respectively). All models feature Eccentric-Adjustable Ball Bearing Guides to aid in quick and accurate set-ups when changing blade sizes. The Quick Release Blade Tension Lever is another benefit that allows for fast and repetitive tensioning of the blade, giving you less blade fatigue for longer blade life. The 1" saws are now available with the patent pending granite table top which provides unsurpassed accuracy, will never twist or warp and will not rust or corrode, and now even some of their saws feature a massive granite lower wheel! (Sorry for the grainy pic, but this is hot off the presses!)

Click this link to for Steel City Tool Work Bandsaws for Sale on eBay

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